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Princess Jellyfish, Tome 1 (2011)

by Akiko Higashimura(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 1
2756026212 (ISBN13: 9782756026213)
海月姫 / Princess Jellyfish
review 1: I decided to read this after watching the 11 episode anime, which I loved. This manga lives up to my opinion of the anime- I loved it. First of all, the art is gorgeous, I haven't seen a manga as well drawn as this in a while. Then, the relationships of the characters are so well done. They are cute, funny, and relatable, if a bit over exaggerated in personality. This is a well done slice-of-life manga, and I will be devouring the rest in no time.
review 2: The beginning really had a lot of potential. I was definitely hooked. The cross-dressing element was a bit tiresome and not that original, but I tolerated it because the relationships between the characters were evolving into something interesting and complex. I cared.So I hung in there through several to
... moremes until I realized that the story no longer held my attention. The overall plot had stayed the same; however, the emphasis was no longer on its characters but rather on the technical machinations of their dreams. They had all become more like robots, and their interactions were no longer natural. Passions had become almost exclusively slapstick. I don't mind being educated in a particular industry and its economic challenges, but not at the expense of the story itself. Everything else which I found wonderful was relegated to the back seat. That may explain why the producers of the anime altered the ending so much. The premise was great, but it needed some sort of satisfying conclusion.I will probably not read further, as I no longer see the potential for a satisfying ending. In some cases, stories are much better when they are not dragged out. less
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Hilarious! Reminds me of some Asian drama. Definitely will continue this series!
Adorable, this is a great read if you're fans of Ouran High School Host club.
Dead and buried. So much cute. Possibly my new favorite??
I love the anime series and the manga is just as good!
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