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The Church Builder (2013)

by A.L. Shields(Favorite Author)
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0310332117 (ISBN13: 9780310332114)
The Church Builder
review 1: REVIEWThis first novel of A.L.Shields (Stephen L. Carter, Professor of Law at Yale) is going to carry on in a wonderful series. The plot revolves around two secret societies opposing each other while involved in a religious battle. There is a wide variety of characters that is hard to know who is good and who is evil. The story moves at a fast pace which at times it is hard to keep the characters straight.It is a roller coaster ride with lots of twists and turns. The book is full of evil and good. The problem is, how do you know which is which?Now we have two deaths. Six months ago, Bethany Barclay's best friend was murdered. Bethany now finds the body of her ex-boyfriend on the floor of her home. Alongside him is her gun. Her friend Annabelle had told Bethany so... moremething before she died. On the wall is painted a strange symbol that reminds her of what Annabelle had said. Bethany thinks the two murders are related but the police think she is the killer. She knows she must find the connection to the two murders but she must get away so she runs. On top of the murders she is now linked with a bombing. Can things get any worse? Bethany realizes she has been set up and there are several groups after her. One group is composed of individuals whose leader is the Builder. This group called The Garden are trying to protect the Church and the right to religion. Then we have the Wilderness who are just as determined to destroy religious faith. Why are they chasing Bethany? What has she done? Does she know something that they want or need? Bethany becomes involved in the fight between The Garden and the Wilderness. Does she have anyone to turn to? Her best friend and her ex-boyfriend are dead. Where does she go now? She is trying to come to terms with her beliefs and her own character. She heads first to Chicago. What happens next is in your hands. The book goes against the norm for fiction. There is a distinct point of view, between past and present. I didn't quite understand why but it didn't change the way I felt about reading the book. If you are interested in fast paced, mystery, and conflict you will definitely like this book. It may make you step back and reflect on your own beliefs.I would give this book 4 STARS.I was given a complimentary copy of THE CHURCH BUILDER from the author A.L.Shields for my uncompensated review.
review 2: I CANNOT wait to read more of this series! It has all the elements that would make an AWESOME TV series (though I don't know how they'd hide the identities of some characters when you can hear their voices). A battle between good and evil, darkness and light...."The Church Builder" is not one to be missed. With missing religious artifacts, fugitives from justice, and 2 secret societies that have been battling for centuries - I am looking forward to what happens next. less
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Waiting for the sequel! It was a little long winded in some parts but great story!
I enjoyed this book, looking forward to next book
excellent Christian thriller
easy read
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