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Manners That Matter For Moms (2012)

by Maralee McKee(Favorite Author)
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0736944893 (ISBN13: 9780736944892)
Harvest House Publishers
review 1: This book is an excellent resource!Maralee McKee did a wonderful job with Manners That Matter for Moms. Not only does she cover all the manners and etiquette we have had questions about but she is personal as well, sharing her own story along the way. McKee covers topics such as first impressions, introductions, conversation skills, and even bodily noises. That last chapter had me laughing but thankful that she broached the subject. You will find a fun Etiquette IQ Quiz along with a quote in the beginning of the chapter and Inspiration and Application questions at the end each chapter, all starting in chapter four. Author McKee gets the point across well. Children are mimickers. If we want our children to have great manners then we need set the example of what good manners... more look like. As McKee says, it may take years for them to become habits for kids (and us) but if we are diligent, those years of training will pay off with great reward; when they are no longer habits but heartfelt actions.This book arrived at the perfect time for me. Our son's birthday party was just around the corner. As I read through it I would tell my husband what I had learned. Soon he was asking me what the author said about "this" or "that". He found all the information just as helpful as I did! At our son's party I was able to put my new found skills into practice and was very pleased with the outcome. Manners That Matter for Moms is most certainly a book you don't want to pass up. While there are some manners in the book that a lot of people are good about using daily, there are plenty more listed in here that may need some attention.***Thank you Harvest House Publishers for the free book in exchange for my honest review.***
review 2: When you first start to read a book on manners, you may be a little hesitant about all of the rules and regulations that are about to come in the book. I appreciate that Maralee stated up front that perfection was not the goal. No, the reason behind Christians having good manners revolves around being great ambassadors for Christ. I love that idea as it give purpose, meaning to fine tuning our etiquette skills. Maralee wanted readers to understand that she is not perfect and that she didn’t always understand manners. In order to do this, she gives the testimony of her life which, to be honest, was quite difficult. While life may be good for her now, she has had some extremely difficult times in her past, but she shares that the Lord used those difficult times for good in her life.Maralee, through her personal style of writing, invites readers into her life and takes them on a journey of exploring better etiquette for not only the kids, but also the moms (parents). She explains that this is a lifelong process, so we shouldn’t try to implement everything right away. She stresses the importance of knowing why we are doing this and making sure that we, as moms, are modeling the proper behavior ourselves.The first 3 chapters are basically an introduction to manners and to Maralee. She uses these chapters to help readers understand the whys of learning various socials skills. Starting in chapter 4, Maralee starts digging into the actual etiquette training. The chapters start off with a brief etiquette quiz as an introduction to the chapter and conclude with inspiration and application questions/tasks. The chapters contain thoughtful, down-to-earth information for implementing different skill sets into your home. The Mom to Mom sections allow Maralee to give us helpful tips, thoughts, hints about the chapter topics.Manners That Matter for Moms is not a stuffy manners book. Maralee’s practical, fun, informational, Godly approach to manners makes learning etiquette interesting and enjoyable. She breaks things down into easy to apply steps, and then makes suggestions on how to make the task even better once you get the simple steps mastered. The Lord has blessed Maralee with the gift of communication which shows in this book.Disclosure: I received a copy of this book as a member of the First Wildcard Tour. A positive review is not required or guaranteed. less
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I truly appreciate the compassion & grace this book presents in teaching our children life skills.
I look forward to a good read.
A must read!
3.5 stars
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