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The Inner Society (2013)

by Melinda Louise Bohannon(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
1937844005 (ISBN13: 9781937844004)
Ellechor House
The Inner Society Trilogy
review 1: I'm sorry but I did not like this book at all. It had its moments were I was hopeful but then it just disappointed me. Instead of the author focusing on two or three issues, there was like eight issues being discussed and I felt like it left so much unsaid because they were all just touched so lightly. If two or three issues had been focused on, then they could have been developed a little bit better through out the story. I have no interest in this series and would definitely not recommend it to other people. I am sad, because this had the potential to be a great book.
review 2: I really didn't like this book. its only getting two stars because I'm a nice person. the grammatical errors alone... ugh. The plot was mediocre and awful at the same time. Comple
... moretely unrealistic and so many stereotypes... Also, what's with the over use of exclamation points? You can tell how long a person has been writing by the amount of exclamation points, I swear. the writing technique was awful. I felt like every other chapter was just a retelling of previous events. I had to read this book for a review on another site. I wish I hadn't. less
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Teens, Bullying, Christian, Mystery, Si-Fy...
Fantastic page turner couldn't put it down.
I loved this book.
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