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Girl Fistfights Boy (2000)

by David Wallace Fleming(Favorite Author)
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review 1: When Alice first sees Benny at the bar her first thought was how he was a dead-ringer for ex-boyfriend, except scrawnier. Her ex liked to rough her up during sex, taking advantage of his size and strength. Alice decides to get even with him and take out her frustrations on Benny. They fight, but the lesson she learns about herself goes much deeper than her anger about her ex.This is a fun, short story about the dynamics of the relationships between the sexes in our society. David paints a descriptive picture of an encounter that is powerful, yet fun. I'm interested to see what else he's written.
review 2: Girl Fistfights Boy by David Wallace FlemingBenny is a short and "dorky" young man. Alice is out with her girl friends trying to have a good time after a brea
... morek up with her boyfriend. Benny and Alice meet in an unusual situation, things turn out a bit different than Benny has planned. Alice is not the usual girl, she is a girl that has just been scorned and Benny is about to learn this the hard way.Short story. I would love to read more work by David Wallace Fleming. I also wish I could write more about this book, but since I do not do spoilers this is about all I can say, Read Girl Fistfights Boy for a fun read! less
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Quite a romantic beginning to any solid emotionally (and physically) crippled relationship.
An okay story. Nothing too exciting.
A nice, hilarious short story.
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