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The Civil War Of 1812: American Citizens, British Subjects, Irish Rebels, & Indian Allies (2010)

by Alan Taylor(Favorite Author)
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1400042658 (ISBN13: 9781400042654)
review 1: A fascinating study of the War of 1812 not simply as a military struggle between two governments, but also as a battle of the meanings of subjecthood and citizenship. Taylor writes well, covers a variety of little-known incidents from the war, and above all makes a reader think about the war as a conflict of identities, without inflicting postwar understandings of nationality on the people of the Canadian-American borderlands.
review 2: I very much enjoyed this alternative history of the War of 1812. It is well-written,and exhaustively researched. I especially appreciated the thorough description of the social context before the war on both sides of the border. I'm certainly not vey well-read in North American history, but I found this to be a good and accessi
... moreble read on the subject. Although this book is not meant to be a full history of the war, I feel that some points beg more discussion, such as the effect of the burning of Washington and the American attack at Quebec. This book is meant to rebut nationalist fantasies which are the narratives on both sides of the border, but the formation of these legends only merits a paragraph in Taylor's conclusion. Because what good historian doesn't delight in exposing myths as such? less
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An educational book that gave details of specific aspects of the war. Great for study purposes.
Strong and engaging history of this war and the issues that surround it. Pretty balanced.
Excellent book. It gave me insights on how modern Canada and the USA came to be.
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