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The Ice Balloon: S. A. Andrée And The Heroic Age Of Arctic Exploration (2012)

by Alec Wilkinson(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
0307594807 (ISBN13: 9780307594808)
review 1: Although the adventure of seeking the North Pole in a hot air balloon was very interesting, mostly written from the diaries of those who attempted it, most of the book was about other adventurers and their attempts and about how balloons are made. It made some of it not very interesting, especially since I had already read a book on an adventure by ship to the North Pole.Over all not a bad read though.
review 2: It's fascinating that these guys whe were fighting to survive on an arcic stretch of ice, took the time to list out their meals in their diaries, and of all the things they had...often times they ate cake. What, were they carrying tins and tins of cake around with them the whole time!?!?!A powerful, sobering story. Reading about an adventuring party,
... more and then reading about each man dying off one by one was emotionally draining, in a good way. It speaks to the power of the writing. The technological advancements were also very interesting, but maybe that's just the engineer in me talking again. less
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so much potential. But like the adventurers... it just didn't make it.
An interesting story to be told but sadly a very poorly written book.
A great book - easy reading. I enjoyed it very much.
Andree dies, he never found the north pole
Svaka čast.
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