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The Swedish Girl (2013)

by Alex Gray(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 4
1847445659 (ISBN13: 9781847445650)
Little, Brown Book Group
DCI Lorimer
review 1: I stay with this series even though I don't like the main characters much as it is set in Glasgow. Having said that, on a couple of occasions I was puzzled as to where the characters were walking - not that it affected the story. I was not quite convinced that there was enough evidence to charge and actually remand one of characters in prison but I went with the flow. OK there were not many suspects but as the book progressed I kept changing my mind about whom I suspected! I found it hard to put down as I got into the book. I did sympathise with the first victim's flat mates so the author can bring characters to life so I can't help wondering why her main characters are so lifeless. Well worth a read.
review 2: This was an enjoyable read. Unfortunately I
... morerealised early one who was the scapegoat and who the perpetrator, making the subplot a distraction. Without the subplot there would have been little substance in the tale. It have murders a plenty a police inspector who did not look beyond the end of her nose and lots of sergeants who appeared to do very little. A good paced read that alround I enjoyed. less
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Have enjoyed the series to now but this was not as good as previous reads in my opinion.
Not a bad story. Did feel it was written for a younger audience maybe late teens.
A bit far fetched. Conclusion reached to quickly right at the end.
Decent enough but the premise seems a bit shallow.
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