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Moondogs (2011)

by Alexander Yates(Favorite Author)
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0385533780 (ISBN13: 9780385533782)
review 1: Moondogs is a well written action thriller wrapped in a veneer of brujo magic and surreal absurdism. The story revolves around the kidnapping in Manila of Howard Bridgewater, an American businessman, by a bumbling band of crack-addled desperados. They’re up against Reynato Ocampo, a badass cop who’s inspired a series of hit films, the leader of a posse of brujo-powered vigilantes. Howard’s estranged son Benecio arrives for a pre-arranged visit to find the messy world his father has created turned upside down.[return][return]Corruption, sex, culture clashes, and a touch of Three Stooges misadventure mixed with Tarantino-esque Pulp Fiction carry this confident debut novel. A great read!
review 2: How shall I describe this novel to an "innocent" reader? Sta
... morert with a flamboyantly colored fighting cock rooster owned by a drug addicted cab driver looking for some easy money in kidnapping a "rich, fat, old white guy"...an American, of course. See, I bet that got you interested...now add a forlorn son who's alienated from his rich, fat, old white guy daddy and grieving for his mother done wrong by daddy dearest. Yep, I ended up not likely any of these characters in the end...maybe the son a little who does seem to look for some kind of redemption. But with all this, I must say that as a first novel, Alexander Yates got my attention...and maybe that is enough. less
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I won Moondogs: A Novel from First Reads. I look forward to reading it now that its arrived.
*review to be posted after our reading group's discussion concludes. :D *
Story about dogs on the moon.
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