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Debate With A Vampire (2000)

by Liese Sherwood-Fabre(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I hadn't check my messages in a while having been busy most of the summer with my son but today since I had the time I went ahead and peeked at my messages and I had a sweet message from the author of Debate with a Vampire, Liese Sherwood-Fabre. She was inviting me to read a free short story available at her website for download. I clicked on the link and a pdf came up with her short story. From the minute I started reading to the minute the story ended I was completely engrossed in her short tale. I got so into it I was actually sad when it ended so soon. I was craving a full book from this short story. It was well written and definitely unpredictable. I thought the story was going to go where most vampire stories go, cheese city. I was actually preparing myself for the c... moreheese fest of a stranger who happens to be a vampire sweeping a helpless female from some sort of evil. Instead what I got was a thought-provoking story about a vampire seeking validation in others for his past choices. That got me thinking just like this vampire made certain choices and later looked for validation in others, do we all do this? Do we continuously ask others what choices they would have made in our situation to make us feel better about our own? & why do we do this? Are we not able to accept the mistakes we made in the past and move on? Or does this just depend on the person? Liese Sherwood is definitely an up and coming author to keep your eye on. She already has a few books out and is working on more. I can't wait to read more of her work. If you have a check definitely go over to her website and give Debate with a Vampire a read.
review 2: This was a really cool short story. At first I was concerned because I didn't want it to be just another vampire story. This definitely was not just another vampire story, in fact it had some meaning behind it. The part I enjoyed the most was when the main character chose to be herself and not change because of revenge or because of evil. Not enough people stand up for what's right when caught in their emotions or when angry and upset with others. This short story is currently available on the authors website for a free download. Check it out! less
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Very short story, concise and well written. Read to see how the Vampire met his match.
A quick little interesting short story.
This was a fun little quick story.
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