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Zachary Pill Dragon Magic: Book 1 (2012)

by Tim Greaton(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 2
Focus House Publishing
review 1: The only reason I gave this 3 stars instead of 4 or even 5 is that the book had no ending. Nothing was resolved. We'd just barely gotten to meet all the characters and get a glimpse of the plot. I think the tactic was to offer the first half of the story cheap or as a free download, end it on a cliff hanger, then charge more for the next installment. Very unsatisfying. I'm not buying the next installment because for all I know, it will end the same way and I'll feel cheated.That said, I liked Zachary, and I loved the imagination that went into the story. I was just beginning to see the reasons for the odd characters and really start to like them when the book cut off. I think the writing was well done. It's a fast read.But with the ending, I really can't recommen... mored it.
review 2: I really want to give this book 3 1/2 or 4 stars because the story is great and I liked the characters some of whom are wonderfully bizarre. Also I think most any MG boy would enjoy it. But... The main character Zachary is supposed to 14. He seems more like a 12 year old to me. But that's minor and not all that bothersome. What is bothersome are the number of sentences beginning with a dependent clause.Examples in the prologue:Though he was temporarily blinded from the flash, Zachary heard the bat fall in a wet thump on the hallway floor not far from him.Ashamed to be leaving his father alone with the bats but not having a choice, Zachary groped along the door and forced his trembling fingers to turn the lock.This is the first sentence of chapter one:Wishing that magic really did exist, Zachary Pill kept smashing the Billy Timkin voodoo doll he had made from a white hand towel until its blue toothpaste eyes and mouth were smudged beyond recognition.A few paragraphs later:Disgusted, Zachary ran a wet comb through his offensive hair and managed to push a few stray cowlicks back where they belonged.These kinds of sentences are so prevalent that I got bored reading. I doubt it would be a problem for kids, but as an adult it was a bit frustrating. Which is too bad because like I said, it's a great fast paced, magic filled, weird and wonderful story. less
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I thought this book was interesting. Madame Klootchie is a nut.
Great first novel just easing into the second this evening.
Short but well written.
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