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Heart Of The Witch (2009)

by Alicia Dean(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 2
0505528266 (ISBN13: 9780505528261)
Love Spell
review 1: I had a herd time getting through this book. mainly because it has a lot of trials for our main character to over come. The story starts out with a serial killer and Ravin is the victim. Lucky for her she's a witch and is able to escape however many other women have been torture and killed after this mad man abductions. A PI that has been hired to find the killer tries to get Ravin trust his and help him catch the killer. together they work on the case. In the end they both come out barely alive but in love.
review 2: I don't know why I even bothered to finish this book. It is a detective story/romance novel. Stereotypes abound--the washed-out detective who smokes too much and keeps a bottle of whiskey in his desk drawer, the drop-dead gorgeous young witch wi
... moreth long, dark tresses and emerald green eyes. Brutal mutilation scenes are chilling. The presence of a male witch wearing only a loin cloth is laughable. What a waste of time! less
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This was incrdibly entertaining. Full of twists and turns. I enjoyed this book very much!
i really liked this book i loved raveyn and nick and just glad everything worked out
It was okay, not great.
An entertaining read.
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