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Cambridge Blue (2009)

by Alison Bruce(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
1569475202 (ISBN13: 9781569475201)
Soho Constable
DC Gary Goodhew Mystery
review 1: This book presents a very twisted and convoluted plot, several aspects of which stretched plausibility to the breaking point. One scene in particular, in which one character observes two others behave in a manner that defies credibility -- with several remarkable coincidences and some psychologically dubious behaviour -- downgraded the story from "interesting" to "borderline ridiculous". But in spite of that I like the Gary Goodhew character, and his earnestness carried me through the rough patches in plot development. Speaking of rough patches, a couple of anachronisms stood out: a woman in her early twenties using the term "VD" (possibly a Britishism rather than an anachronism; in North America, no one born after 1980 would say it that way), and a guy going through a red... more light camera hoping there's "no film" in it (being kind to the author, I could pass this off as a deliberate illustration of the character's mistaken thinking, but again he's 25 years old in 2008 and for his entire adult life digital cameras have been the norm). Again, despite my nitpicking I enjoyed the book enough to finish it and put the next book in the series on hold in my library app. I want to read more of DC Gary Goodhew and his burgeoning career.
review 2: The only thing I really enjoyed was the setting - lots and lots of places around Cambridge. But I can see how that would be annoying to people who don't live here. Possibly a book to read after you've visited if you need a beach book? Even so I didn't care about any of the characters, not even the main detective dude. Also some odd details about exercise and food...and some real sexist crap...so not recommended. less
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Liked it, fresh and readable and nicely complicated as a good detective should be.
Took me few chapters to get into the characters and plot, then I was hooked.
This book is very good, it only took me a few days to read.
well writen and as good as rebus I will be reading more
Good crime book first of three
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