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Scared Scriptless (2014)

by Alison Sweeney(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
1401311059 (ISBN13: 9781401311056)
Hachette Books
review 1: What an insufferable character! Did you ever read a book that just made you want to punch things? This book was all of that it then some. It highlighted a lot of the things I hate most about my industry told through the eyes of a sanctimonious stick in the mud. I was hoping to really like this book but OH HOW I LOATHED IT. I knew it was bad when I found myself smiling when bad things would happen to the female lead. I hate how she acts like she's so above any fun perk that comes with being in the industry. It's super lame.
review 2: First off, I am a huge Alison Sweeney (DOOL) fan! Ali's writing skills have grown tremendously from her first novel to this one. I was hesitant to give it four stars because it isn't a piece of literary magic, but when I thin
... morek of the other books in this category it is deserving of the rating. I was able to get lost in the book and not glance down at the Kindle's "time left in book". The chapters are really short making it easy to read in short sessions. I enjoyed the characters and loved how Alison included a chapter after the close of the book to explain how the characters came about. Good work girl! less
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Good book about a cast of a soap opera and their dealings with each other.
predictable but still charming, good for the plane read that it was. :)
It's just like Ali said, it's a beach read. I totally enjoyed it.
Didn't finish as I lost interest.
Fun, quick beach read.
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