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Shooting Stars (2012)

by Allison Rushby(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 2
0802722989 (ISBN13: 9780802722980)
Walker Childrens
review 1: This is a book I would specifically recommend to young adults. The theme was developed very slowly, but fairly well. This book is about a spontaneous paparazzo named Jo.Throughout the story you see significant changes in Jo. The story was slow and predictable at times, but just when you were going to put the book down there is always something to catch your attention and keep reading. The plot was interesting , but also a typical plot for growing up. The book was fun, but nothing memorable. It is pretty easy to read nothing to difficult of challenging to understand. The book got me thinking that paparazzi are not just celebrity stalkers, but people who have to make a living. The love interest in the book, Ned Hartnett, was sent to rehab. This scenario reminds me a bit of... more Justin Bieber getting arrested. Overall this book was a bit above average.
review 2: A 16-year old with a height of a 10-year old is a paparazzo who has indeniable feelings for Ned, although it isn't really Ned.This book is a calm read, with a great plot twist. Who knew bacon bits and photography found its way to meet?A light read, not really a fluffy one. No no no I sound really bored with my review but not really man, I just got bored when I reached the falling action. I dunno, maybe I shouldn't have expected more romance to this.But this book is great! So 4/5 stars for this :-) less
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3.5La verdad.Me habría gustado mas romance y menos culpabilidad... pero bueno.
I wish I could be at least half brave as Jo is! haha!
Thisbwas surprisingly a very good book !!!
Cute, fun read.
2,5 stars.
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