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Timida Duchessa (2012)

by Amanda McCabe(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 2
Harlequin Mondadori (I Grandi Romanzi Storici n.815
review 1: My first book of this author, and it was a good one. Emily Carroll is a beautiful young lady of the ton whose parents are looking to get their daughter married. She could have had a bevy of suitors, if not for her debilitating shyness around people, the men misinterpret that she is an “ice princess” and the rest think of her as a wallflower, since she spends much of her time hiding in ballrooms behind potted plants. Nicholas, Duke of Manning is being pressured by his family to get married and for a while Emily seemed to be a good candidate, but Nicholas thought she was too serious to fit into his fun loving, outgoing family. But Nicholas has his own reason to not want to get married, and hopes his brother Stephen will be his heir. Through coincidental meetings, Ni... morecholas and Emily get to know each other and under the guise of masks, kiss thinking the other doesn’t recognize. Nicholas realizes that Emily is no ice princess, but very warm, friendly and kind to those she knows, but feels guilty about kissing her and feels honor bound to propose even though he does not want to get married. Emily realizes that Nicholas is outgoing and is always surrounded by people and his family, you can be alone in a crowd of people and Nicholas rather be alone in his country estate than in London. When they meet again at the last ball of the season, Emily confesses of the kiss and is angry when she finds out he knew her identity all along. They get caught in a compromising position in which Nicholas promptly announces their betrothal. They both decide to make the best of the situation and try to have a happy life. Nicholas tells Emily the reason he did not want to get married and that no one else knows, even his family was that he fell in love and got married in Italy while on his grand tour but his wife died. He does not tell her that his wife died in childbirth along with the baby and that he is deathly afraid that if Emily gets pregnant, her life would be in danger, so he doesn’t plan on getting Emily pregnant. Emily also keeps secrets from her husband like she has fallen in love with him, but after finding his former wife’s picture in his desk think Nicholas still loves his first wife. She also does not tell him that her former suitor, Mr. George Rayburn is blackmailing her after he finds out that she volunteers her time to teach disadvantaged females who are former prostitutes and as a newly duchess will bring scandal on Nicholas. In the end, Nicholas does figure out her secrets and that he too is in love with his wife and his wife tells him she is pregnant and they can get through it together and Mr. Rayburn gets a thrashing.In my opinion, this historical romance was very drama free compared to the others especially being a Harlequin. Emily and Nicholas had issues of their own, but they seem to work through them without much angst. I don’t know if that was because the book was not long enough and the character didn’t have the time to develop or that it was author’s intent to be as angst-free as possible because problems arose and they were solved very easily. Emily slowly seemed to be gaining confidence and finding out who she is, but we do not see that in action. Nicholas seemed to move through his fear of childbirth as well only in a couple of pages, although it seemed ridiculous that he took no additional precaution and kept having unprotected sex, so yes don’t be so surprised that she ends up pregnant. Overall, the book was pretty good, even with the lack of angst and the relief reader feels that it will all end in happily ever after. Nicholas and Emily were very likeable characters and regardless of missing a developed plot, somehow the author cleverly made that deficit feel inconsequential. The book is enjoyable to read especially if you are looking for something light-hearted and quick.I think this is the series in order since it’s not numbered:1. Diamonds of Wellbourne Manor by Diane Gaston2. The Shy Duchess by Amanda McCabe3. How to Marry a Rake by Deb Marlowe
review 2: It was good brain candy, the story is about Emily an earl's daughter that is expected to make a good, i.e profitable marriage, but however beautiful she's too shy, anyway she met duke M and his grace made all the shyness disappear with his kisses, they are caught making out in the garden and have to announce their engagement in order to save her reputation, well that's basically it, it's a very forgettable book, I finished this book but I wouldn't really recomment it to anyone... less
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enjoyed this book. Was a very quick read and really enjoyed the main characters Nicholas and Emily.
As a shy girl, I'm a sucker for shy girls who get happy endings.
Knocked it out in less than 24 hours. Sweet little story!
A sweet story. Not bad.
3.5 stars
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