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After Us (2000)

by Amber Hart(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
1617731188 (ISBN13: 9781617731181)
Before & After
review 1: This book was really interesting. It is about love and revenge with lots of twists and turns. There was this big thing that made me a little crazy though. It was Hart's use of repetition of three. All throughout the novel she repeats sounds and words three times. I have no idea why but I am sure there is a reason. The book at first is a little hard to swallow because Javier and Melissa feel a little disjointed but it eventually smooths out. I love how this book is about overcoming stereotypes and obstacles. It's about love and forgiveness too. Good read! I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review.For more reviews, go to my blog bbsbookreviews.com
review 2: This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review
... more After Us is the second book in the Before and After series by Amber Heart. The story follows on from the events in the first book, Before You, and how the characters are coping in the aftermath. I have not read the first book however that was not a problem as After Us was written in such a way that made it easy to understand what had happened previously.The story alternates between 18 year old Melissa and Javier's point of views. Melissa is hiding her scars from the operation to remove the cancer cells from her body and living with the fear that it may not have been successful. Since her best friend Faith has moved away she has kept this to herself, worrying that other people would be repulsed by her. Javier, on the other hand, is wearing a metaphorical mask to hide the pain he feels at the loss of his cousin and best friend Diego. Instead of laying the past to rest he is determined to avenge Diego's death.After Us is essentially a love story about characters who hide the raw pain they feel from everyone, including those closest to each other. As well as these problems they also have to deal with racial discrimination. Javier's family originate from Cuba and only moved to the US for a better life. Javier's mother, however, has a "only-date-Latinas" rule as she believes American girls are not good enough for her sons. This is somewhat like the famous story of Romeo and Juliet where the families want nothing to do with each other. As well as a love story, After Us deals with other themes from medical problems to drug dealing. Heart, rather than writing about the affects of taking drugs, concentrates on the people behind the dealing. Drug Gangs can be just as dangerous as the substances as they involve violence that often result on fatal injuries. On the whole the storyline could have delved deeper into the characters individual stories and the ending could have been stronger. Although there was a surprise plot twist, the book finished rather quickly with everything suddenly being resolved and no repercussions. As already mentioned it is not vital to read the previous book in order to understand After Us however, from what I understand, Before You is written from Faith and Diego's points of views. Overall this book was ok for a quick read but I would not label it as anything special. less
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3.5 stars its ok...looking forward to her other books this year
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