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The Rocky Road Trip Of Lydia Goldblatt & Julie Graham-Chang (2012)

by Amy Ignatow(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 2
1419701827 (ISBN13: 9781419701825)
Harry N. Abrams
The Popularity Papers
review 1: I've found a new favorite! This was my first experience with the Popularity Papers series and I was quite impressed. I loved the journal format with the running commentary from BFFs since birth, Julie and Lydia. I quickly fell love with Lydia, Julie and Julie's dads.Amy Ignatow does a great job of presenting serious topics: same sex marriage, adoption, divorce and absentee fathers in a way that is realistic and not overly preachy and makes them humorous. How cool is that? Awesome book, so excited to read the others!
review 2: Reading this book was like getting back in touch with old friends. I hadn't realized how much I missed Lydia and Julie and their families. It was really great seeing them all again.In each book, with no preaching or lectures, the two gir
... morels grow up a little more, and learn a few more lessons about dealing with other people. The road trip involves, among other things, a visit with Julie's "grandparents" who have never accepted the homosexual relationship of Julie's two fathers. It's a tough situation, and very realistically portrayed. I loved the first book in this series, and they just keep getting better. Do yourself a favor, and read them all. less
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amazing and humorous! the capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe, not Albuquerque! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
They go to Oberlin!! But there's not enough Roland. MORE ROLAND PLEASE
These books make me laugh. I love them.
I love this series!
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