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Rewired (2000)

by Amy Queau(Favorite Author)
4.45 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: What I like about this series is how non-conventional it is and I had no idea who Charlie would end up with. Charlie demonstrated enormous inner strength in this book. Her guilt and love for Jesse kept her trying to help him overcome his destructive behavior to the extent of forgoing her own true happiness. Jesse loved and needed Charlie but his damaged past and mental illness hampered him from giving Charlie what she needed. The snippets of Sam made me feel so sorry for him.
review 2: I just finished Rewired, and I don't normally write reviews but I'm standing here shaking while I type because Charlie's story rang so familiar for me. Charlie's and Jessie's thoughts and feelings were so well written that I deeply felt what they did and Jessie's perspective hel
... moreped me understand bipolar disorder so much better. Reading of such trauma for Jessie and Charlie both and how their story has stayed with me long after I finished reading speaks to how well their story was put to "paper". Thank you Amy for telling how the struggle to overcome trauma and devastation can lead to wonderful things especially when you have the love of family and friends around you. I have really enjoyed reading all three books, and I would most definitely recommend this series. less
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This was not a hearts and flowers story , but very touching, a great end to the trilogy
OMG!!! I just read a spoiler out of curiosity I now I don't wanna read this book.:(
Wow, what a ride!! I loved this story and the whole series!
Wow! What a story...loved it.
review to come...
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