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No Such Thing As The Real World: Stories About Growing Up And Getting A Life (2009)

by An Na(Favorite Author)
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0061470589 (ISBN13: 9780061470585)
review 1: This collection of short stories centers on teens facing circumstances that force them to face the real world. However, many of the stories are driven by plots and circumstances that appear exceptional, hardly like the real world for most teens. These include the story of a teen working as a call girl who frequents the brother of the now-deceased man with whom she had a child and that of a young man who takes over his father’s pawn shop that represents the primary spot for social convergence in his harbor town. As a whole, the stories in this collection often appear darker and more difficult to understand than typical young adult literature. The complex and vague plot of the first story appears likely to turn some readers off. Still, the story of the high school senior c... moreonstantly living in the shadow of her sister is a relatable and slightly endearing aspect of this book. Author of Inexcusable, Chris Lynch, penned Arrangements, and the short story contains many of the cynical and disturbing elements found in that novel. Nevertheless, the young adult male protagonist in the short story proves much more sympathetic.This book should be directed toward mature readers, 16 and up.
review 2: This collection of short stories includes a variety of tales about teens and their conflicts in life. This first story opens with a teenage girl who is meeting a friend at a club. She meets a guy there, who she seems to have been previously looking for, and they discuss his brother, having both known him. It is unclear as to what their relationship is; however, we find out at the end that she had a baby with his brother who is now deceased. She meet the man so he would give her money to support her son. Another interesting story takes place in a pawn shop. Charles' father has passed away and he is left to run the shop. After meeting an array of "interesting" people, he realizes that his dad might have been loved for some reasons that Charlie does not think he will be able to fill. Another story is a high school graduates tale of how she survived high school. She shows her relationship with her sister, Sarah, and the boy she has a crush on, Kenneth. Right before she is about to give her graduation speech she sees the two of them kissing. Anther heart-wrenching story comes from a teenage girl who is reliving memories of her best friend who has recently committed suicide. I would recommend this book to teenagers ages 13 and up. less
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YA short stories; probably for older than 7th grade, but I've only read one so far.
Alli Adamson
Compilation of short stories growing up and getting a life. OK
Extra stars for M.T. Anderson and Jacqueline Woodson.
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