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Bradley Sands Is A Dick (2000)

by Andersen Prunty(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I had no idea that Bradley Sands was such a dick, until I read this ebook, in which some of my favorite bizarro authors and some other authors I never heard of before, but enjoyed immensley, explained in no uncertain terms that Bradley Sands is the biggest dick in the whole wide world.I'm not quite sure what to make of all of this, but I must admit that I really enjoy Bradley Sands' writings and despite his dickness, I will continue to give him my money. And just so we're clear, he didn't put his peacemaker to my head and made me say it either, so there!
review 2: So, I'm sitting at home in front of the computer and Andersen Prunty sends me an email. Usually, I don't open Andersen Prunty's emails because they just link to his Hulu channel where he's having sex
... moredressed as a pirate cat, or he brags about that time he beat my ebay bid for the world's only surviving gryphon, which he only bought because it's Robert Redford's corporate logo in Indecent Proposal. I was getting sick and tired of his pirate cat sex and appreciation for the films of Robert Redford ruining my day. The only good thing that became of Prunty seeing that movie was that he got confused and gave me a million dollars to sleep with his wife. Anyway, this isn't about Andersen Prunty's antisocial behavior, it's about Bradley Sands.This time I opened Andersen Prunty's email because it said Bradley Sands was dead. At first, I was relieved, then I was kind of sad because I'd had some good memories with Bradley Sands. Like the time he paid me one million dollars for me to sleep with my own girlfriend. (I'd thought the premise of that movie was easy to understand. I guess Prunty explained it to him.) The email said everyone should share their favorite Bradley Sands memory. And I did. We all did and it was assembled into an anthology. I discovered later on that Bradley had purchased Andersen Prunty's email account with Prunty's last million dollars, which Andy's wife had offered him in exchange for having sex with it. Don't read this anthology. We were tricked and were offered nothing for our services. And we all had to pay a million dollars to have sex with contest winner Nathan Tower. less
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Mildly entertaining, but many of the short stories seem to have nothing to do with Bradley Sands.
I'd give this more stars if Bradley wasn't such a dick.
Didn't know this was on GR!Bradley Sands is good dick.
Bradley Sands is a Dick.
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