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Christmas Shopping (2013)

by Angel Gelique(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
Angel Gelique
review 1: I loved this short story. Jilly and Peyton were best friends. They were supposed to go shopping at the mall, but Peyton was stuck at home babysitting her little sister. A blond guy stalked Jilly in the mall because she wasn’t interested in him. He was persistent trying to win her over because he loved the challenge. Jerk.My favorite lines: 1) “You okay? You don’t talk much do you?” 2) A simple “hello” turned into a night she would never be able to erase from her mind.As a reader, you get an eerie sense throughout the book. Something had happened in Jilly’s past, so you wonder what’s wrong with her. Traumatized? Crazy?The twist at the end was great. I didn’t see it coming.I RECOMMEND this book to read.
review 2: (short story)Christmas and Horro
... morer - two things I love, why not combine them, huh? Yeah ... not so much on this one. More creepy older blonde guy that shouldn't be following a teenager throughout the mall ... less scared the willies out of me. The twist, though I was expecting something, wasn't what I expected and I give it that, but on the whole "horror" scare factor thing, yeah, um ... I really wasn't feeling any ounce of scared. I kept wondering where mall security was actually. Just odd. less
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This was a creepy little story with a nice gory twist. Loved it!
*note to self* if your unsure of what it is, dont eat it
Liked it until the twist, then.. ew!
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