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The Girl In The Basement (2014)

by Wayne Simmons(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
Smashwords Edition
review 1: There's nothing too mysterious about what this book is about - the title, the plot summary all reveal that this is a story about a poor unfortunate soul who is plucked from her life and kept against her will as a prisoner. It's a familiar plotline, and a crime-drama staple. This novella is a quick read, mostly because the pace is so frenetic and engaging. I burned through it in two days, but it could have easily been a one-day read.During her captivity, more background about our hapless victim comes to the fore, and we learn some awful and shameful truths about her that engender our sympathy and fury. Though the story is short, it packs a mighty force in its punch.
review 2: Wayne Simmons delivers a master class in gritty thriller writing with this short, dark
... moreand disturbing novella.In such a short time, Wayne creates a brilliant back story, strong characters and gruesome tale for his readers to get their teeth into and his swift descriptive details hit the mark as always, giving the reader the perfect visuals they need for the story.A story of a strong woman (Waynes trademark - IMHO) who suffers at the hands of a maniac in a dark and desolate Manchester will leave you slightly disturbed and begging for more.Well worth the low price for any fan of Waynes or the genre. less
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Very bleak and dark. Easy to read but book didn't capture me as I thought it would.
This book gripped me, everyone's worst nightmare.Great must read.
Bleak, dark, gripping...
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