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The Life Of An Unknown Man (2009)

by Andreï Makine(Favorite Author)
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155597614X (ISBN13: 9781555976149)
Graywolf Press
review 1: It took me to that time and era in Leningrad. In the perspective of Volsky, an entertainer forced into the conflicts of war. He shows us easily how our views could instantly change in grave circumstances. His perseverance during times of uncertainty and near death has showed him how we have forgotten to be happy. Faith and love strengthened by more than 10 yrs of separation and the strong presence of death at every cornet proves to us that love is only as strong as how much it has been tried and tested.
review 2: The story is nostagic and melancholy. The main character, Ivan Shutov was in a relationship with a much younger woman and goes through a breakup of the relationship. He can't bear staying in Paris after the breakup and goes to St Petersburg after bei
... moreng away for decades. He looks up a woman he knew in St Petersburg and she strangely resembles his ex-partner. Then sees the absurdity in the changing Russia - like being on a merry-go-round copying the West. He meets an elderly gentleman named Volsky who tells him the story of his life through the Seige of Leningrad and about the true love of his life and how their love endured throughout the War and into the purges of Stalin. The book is very well written and explains the deep pain and suffering of war. less
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Good as all Makine's novels. If I were a Russian this would most likely mean much more.
amazing book, I ended up crying. A really moving love story.
Absolutely wonderful! I will read every word Makine writes!
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