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Founding Gardeners: The Revolutionary Generation, Nature, And The Shaping Of The American Nation (2011)

by Andrea Wulf(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
0307269906 (ISBN13: 9780307269904)
review 1: Andrea Wulf provides a fresh look at our most prominent founding fathers. Gardening and agriculture was their primary occupation to which they returned after their active life in government. They explored and promoted the plant life of our young country by exchange of plant materials and knowledge. Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison also pioneered new practices in gardening and agriculture. Gardens even played a part in the intense deliberations of the delegates who met to forge the Constitution. These founders also saw the largely agrarian nature of American society at that time as one of its greatest strengths. A well - resarched and written book which will keep the reader thinking long after it is read.
review 2: I think this could have been a gre
... moreat read (if there are diagrams or drawings of some of the founding fathers' gardens in the print version of the book). Listening to the audiobook was a bit difficult. Firstly, because of the narrator--her accent was painful. Truly distracting! If I have to hear about Gooze-berries or TU-lip pOplArs again I may lose my mind. I don't know of any Brit who actually speaks that way. And secondly, it's always a bit difficult to get the full effect of landscape architecture from a written description. It is certainly an interesting subject but perhaps not best suited in audiobook form. less
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A lovely book. A fast read (unexpectedly so) thanks to excellent writing.
I loved it.
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