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The Limits Of Power: The End Of American Exceptionalism (2008)

by Andrew J. Bacevich(Favorite Author)
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0805088156 (ISBN13: 9780805088151)
Metropolitan Books
review 1: A very good summary of how the Executive branch has usurped power throughout the decades since World War II in the guise of national security. More shocking is how the legislative branch has allowed it to happen for political expedience. Amazingly, there is no real left/right bias in this book. Everyone from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama are taken to task, and especially the Clinton and Bush administrations.
review 2: Bacevich is a strong writer with an knack for criticism. His book discusses open-ended military conflict and the broken government apparatus guiding this issue but suggests few paths for improvement. This absence makes the book appear as a venomous indictment of Neoconservative administrations in the White House. The book's description sugges
... moreted an analysis on domestic issues related to political apathy and over consumption, but these were often mentioned in passing. His last page points about climate policy and nuclear proliferation were worthy of their own chapters and read like ad-hock content. The book has a strong bedrock but feels like a lost opportunity. less
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Author made some interesting points, but could have done a better job tying them all together.
Well reasoned, well written, well worth reading. God-awful depressing, too.
Intro section was best.
Ok read...
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