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The Detour (2012)

by Andromeda Romano-Lax(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
1616950498 (ISBN13: 9781616950491)
Soho Press
review 1: Finally finished this book. I bought it at one of those $5 sales you often see in shopping centres. It tells the story of an art-lover who is delivering the "Discus Thrower" sculpture from Italy back to Germany after Hitler buys it before the war began ... it follows the journey that Ernst takes in the truck with his 2 Italian drivers (twin brothers) to get to the German border by a certain date. Of course, there are dramas and they go off course ... and just in case anyone does read it I won't spoil the ending. Nice drama inter-woven around historical factual events (ie. the procuring by Germany of art-work pre-war).
review 2: A compelling idea that gets lost in bad dialogue and shallow characters, especially the women. Enough with the "secret" metaphorical
... more burdens already. Too many flashbacks used to manufacture "ah-ha" moments that are meant to be poignant but come off as trite or tiresome. An editor should have cut all the clichés out. The weight of consequences seems to evaporate in this book, either from negligence or indulgent over-emphasis. less
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thought the book would be more interesting. slow to start and slow moving~
Very good, unusual premise for a Pre-WW2 story. I enjoyed it.
romantic ending somewhat contrived
Beautiful book, lyrical writing
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