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A Trouble Halved (2010)

by Andy Eisenberg(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
1615817735 (ISBN13: 9781615817733)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: First read this in March 2011, I remember liking it so I'm doing a reread. Allen, poor Allen, he's 18 and wants to do his own thing this Christmas, he doesn't want to travel with his parents and annoying brother to his grandparents house.His grandparents live in a very rural area, no Internet,coal heating, two TV channels, poor Allen, the world just might end.Allen is gay, but only his best friend Dusty knows, well, that's not quite true, but I'll leave it at that for now.Greg was a childhood friend of Allen's but after grade school they sort of drifted apart and traveled in different circles, even in their very small school.But Allan loves looking at Greg's FB photos and he has a major secret crush on him, so imagine his surprise when Greg starts IM and texting him.Greg i... mores close to where Allen is on holiday and stops by, one thing leads to another and young love ensues.This story just has a sweet and real feel to it, they want to kiss and make out, but with family all around, that isn't happening, even if Christian, Allen's brother actively tries to throw a wrench in their plans, all in good fun though.It's touching too, Allen learns of his Uncle and another time, his grandmother is also very wise and great, and he realizes that coming out doesn't have to be a big scary thing, at least not for him.It ends on a hopeful HFN.
review 2: Allen is a senior in high school and pissed he has to go and spend a week at his Grandparents for Christmas. He ends up chatting by chance with the rich star of the football team who mentions he’s going to be up in the same area. Allen outs himself and is surprised to find that Greg is also gay and interested. They arrange to spend some time together at his Grandparents' and due to a storm Greg stays over. They also arrange for him to stay for the following week as his parents have to work. This is a sweet story of two young guys just working on their first relationship. Allen is afraid to come out although his Grandmother and brother says it’s no secret. Finally on NYE, he makes the move by kissing Greg in front of his family, even though they’d have to be blind not to catch on. It’s a bit of escapism, Greg claims his family and team mates are fine with it, everyone in Allen’s family seems fine with it and the life on the farm with a big family seems very ideal, but if that kind of happy place doesn’t bother you it was a cute story about two young guys. One thing I’ll note, and I know this is publisher requirements usually, great pains are taken to note that both boys are already 18. I don’t want to read a story about a 34 year old and a 16 year old, but to me, when two guys are 16 or 17, it makes sense that they are likely sexually involved in some way. Also in Canada “legal” is 16 (and many places in the US it’s less than 18) so I always find that a bit of an artificial number and when special mention is made it tends to make me roll my eyes. less
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The highlight in this for me was Allen's grandmother. I can't help it I just loved her.
Short, sweet read.
4.5 stars
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