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Grounded (2013)

by Angela Correll(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
1938467566 (ISBN13: 9781938467561)
Koehler Books
review 1: Grounded, by first-time-author and Central Kentucky resident Angela Correll, is a delightful story about a small town girl who returns home after a airline layoff. Annie Taylor is a flight attendant who shares an apartment in New York City and travels the world for her job. When she is laid off due to an airline merger and breaks up with her boyfriend, she returns to her grandmother's home in Kentucky to regroup while waiting to hear about a possible new job with the airline. Grounded is about returning home, slowing down, and finding purpose. It is the portrait of a small, tightly knit farming community. The characters are interesting, genuine and relatable. I want to know more about the people, the community, and how Annie's story unfolds.
review 2: Correll b
... morerings the charms of a Kentucky farm to her book, "Grounded," where an airline flight attendant returns to her Southern roots as she figures out life. I really enjoyed the protagonist, who was a strong, independent female character. However, the pace of the book was kind of slow and although I was always looking to see how certain events turned out, they were really minor events that took the entirety of the book to discover what happened. The characters are fun and the town seems charming, however, it's really more of a beach read than anything else. less
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sweet story. nothing bad to say about it, but it didn't have any "wow!" moments. solid writing.
I loved this book! Reminded me so much of growing up and spending time at my Granny's
I got until 47% but not really for me :#
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