Day 5 -Yelp Restaurant Review

“Imagine you are on Yelp. Write a review of the restaurant everyone is talking about. In the fourth paragraph, admit you’ve ever eaten at the restaurant, but argue why your misinformed opinion is still more important than the other reviews on the site.”

The Up and At ‘Em

Great family food in such a lovely location! Prices were great, think £5 for a burger and fries and you’ll probably think of a burger van and food poisoning, but trust me, this is not like that at all! It feels luxurious, and the atmosphere is absolutely brilliant!

Would definitely recommend the place as a whole, and specifically the Veno-Mozzo Burger with Chilli Chips! The staff are great, and with the open kitchen, you can see for yourself just how fresh the food is, and just how passionate the chefs are. It really does give the feeling of an upmarket, hipster joint but it rivals even Wetherspoons in price!

They also do amazing birthday parties – I know this because my Neice recently had her 12 birthday there, and The Up and At ‘Em even provided a lovely cake for them, free of charge. She was so happy, and now won’t eat anywhere else!

With all the positive feedback that I have heard from others I really cannot wait to eat there myself! For all of those that are going to try and roast me for this review, don’t even bother! The other reviews on here were from out-of-towners, so they know nothing at all – can you really trust a Londoner to judge a Cornish restaurant fairly – NO – they’re just jealous of the fact that they don’t live here!

I myself have heard nothing but absolute praise for this joint, and these are from people who actually know and love food – TRUST ME – my 20 stone Mum agreed with my Neice that is the only place to eat, and she absolutely loves food!

Greg Woolstoff



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