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Mended: Pieces Of A Life Made Whole (2012)

by Angie Smith(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 1
1433676605 (ISBN13: 9781433676604)
B&H Books
review 1: I approach these types of book with extreme caution, as most things of belief should be approached. A lot of yucky stuff can somehow find it's way in. But Angie's work is different. It's interesting and heart felt, and anything but dry. She spices up her points with personal stories that can really drive the point home. I recommend the book to anyone who has ever felt broken, anyone who has ever felt unmendable.
review 2: I ended up taking this back to the library unfinished. Before you get offended, I normally finish *everything* I read, but this just wasn't what I expected. It wasn't as filled with scriptural insights as I prefer (a quotable verse at the top of the page isn't enough "proof" for me) and felt too much like a blog post in sharing from a ME persp
... moreective instead of getting to the heart of the reader. From the back cover, title, and information here on Goodreads I thought it would be just what I needed at this point in my life, but it just ended up not being for me. Maybe if I'd known more about the author or had been a reader of her blog or heard her at a speaking engagement it would have been a little better, but since I don't know her it felt a little impersonal between writer and reader. less
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I LOVED this book! Angie Smith is a wonderful person and writer!
Works well as a devotional about how God can use broken people
Loved it - will definitely read through again.
Very convicting...recommended!
A blog, not a book.
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