A Song For Ella Grey


I knew them both… knew how they lived and how they died.

Claire is Ella Grey’s best friend. She’s there when the whirlwind arrives on the scene: catapulted into a North East landscape of gutted shipyards; of high arched bridges and ancient collapsed mines. She witnesses a love so dramatic it is as if her best friend has been captured and taken from her. But the loss of her friend to the arms of Orpheus is nothing compared to the loss she feels when Ella is taken from the world. This is her story – as she bears witness to a love so complete; so sure, that not even death can prove final… 

My Review

I inhaled this book. Two hours and I was done (and that include one tea break and two chocolate gathering missions). It isn’t the longest book in the world, but the story was so captivating for me that I literally couldn’t put it down.

I think it is important to note that this is a retelling of the myth of Orpheus. I feel that this is important to note because the tone of the book reflects that this is an ancient myth. The dialogue between the teenagers may seem juxtaposed to the modern setting, as do some of the events, but it is based on myth and reads as such. The writing is so lyrical that at times it feels like the book is possessed by the Pied Piper or the Goblin King. The music of Orpheus draws you in so deep.

Honestly this book for me was phenomenal. It was like reading about a dreamscape. This style of writing won’t be for everyone but if you are looking good for something different then I encourage you to give this book a go. Essentially it is a love story, but it is so much more than that. I will certainly be looking for more of Almonds books after reading this.

Overall Rating: 5/5 teacups 

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