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Ryan Hunter (2000)

by Anna Katmore(Favorite Author)
4.53 of 5 Votes: 7
Grover Beach Team
review 1: Ok got to admit im praying to god everynight to find me a Ryan. I love how its in his point of view. I think a guys point of view is better than the girls. Girl his ass has been loving you since forever but yet you still trying to fuck around with Tony and pine over him. But I fucking love these types of books where the girl falls in love with her best friend and he gets with a girl and you finally notice he doesn't want her than she notices this guy likes her and tries to get with him and when she gets with the guy the best friend wants her back and has feelings for her and drops the thot. This book is better than Liz's book well personally to me for being sexist. :) xD
review 2: Sigh... I tried. I guess Im the only one here who had to 'try' to get through thi
... mores book. I didnt actually like the first book but I definitely found Ryan cute so I thought I would enjoy reading his side of story. But the result... Meh. I know many would object this thought of mine, but I didnt find Ryan sweet in this story but rather a creep who was REALLY obsessed with Liza. And listening to a song because it was Liza's ringtone was so weirdly girly thing of him to do. Im sorry but I had to say it..But that is just my opinion and I know I might be completely alone here(which doesnt happen alot) but this series is just not for me.. less
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I would give a gazillion more stars if I could...just saying. :)
Ryan is a cutie.But who names their daughter Jezebel? Really?
is this a reflect of 'play with me'??
The boy is sooooooo smitten y'all!
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