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Just Ella (2013)

by Annette K. Larsen(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 5
Hidden Falls Publishing
review 1: If you are anything like me you will pick this book up and begin to read and quickly put it down thinking "predictable, cliched, formula romance". But please don't! It was all of those things (on some level) but also so much more. I set aside my misgivings and powered through the opening chapters (after all I was only in this for a bit of fluff anyway) and found so much more "meat" than I was expecting (especially for so short a novel). Often in these types of books our heroine is blown about on the winds of trouble and ends up at the predictable ending where she would have landed regardless of the choices she made along the way. What I really loved about this novel is that Ella has to make hard decisions over and over and over. She gets herself to her happy ending and lea... morerns a lot about herself and others on the way. I'll be keeping this one in mind for when my daughters are ready for it.
review 2: Super cute story! Ella is one of 7 daughters of the king, and isn't quite sure of who she is or where she belongs. As she begins spending more time outside in the maze she loved as a child, she encounters a gardener who works there & helps her to discover who she is. Really enjoyed this story; the plot twists, the characters & the setting. Liked that enough time passed for the characters to grow and evolve. Glad that Ella got to know herself and got her HEA! less
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Very adorable! I loved the writing style, the content was clean and yet totally swoony. Loved.
Wonderfully well-told story. Very much looking forward to more books from this author!
A very deal, realistic, and untraditional love story
Wonderful, wonderful story! I highly recommend.
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