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The Beta (2011)

by Annie Nicholas(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
Lyrical Press, Inc.
review 1: I'v got to say Robert wasn't my favourite but not because I didn't like him more because he's not a big character in the other books but now after seeing him in a whole new light I love him. He has this inner steal about but mostly shows a shy unsure persona until his beta side comes out the a sexy techy geek comes out. When Esther first came into picture is wasn't sure they would suit each other, she's a very high strong sexy assassin who goes for what she wants and Roberts a unsure reluctant temp leader while Eric on his honeymoon with Spice. This story was about Robert and Esther but also has a lot of drama to do with Daedalus and Sugar and Sugar reluctance to convict to being a vampire. I liked that it's not all roses which u get with most romance HEA, I hope they sor... moret something out in next book feel really sorry for Daedalus.
review 2: I have to admit that I do like the Vanguard series and this story was no exception. Esther and Robert are polar opposites. She's a knockout, he's a geek. She exudes self-confidence and he has insecurities. She’s a human, he’s a werewolf. She’s a slayer, he’s a beta trying to find his way until his Alpha returns from his honeymoon in three days and Robert is counting the minutes. Esther is gathering some Intel on a Nosferatu Prime vampire that she has been offered a contract hit on. Not one to jump straight into the frying pan some legwork must be completed before she will decide whether or not to accept. While tracking down more info on her target she meets Robert, unawares that his is her target’s friend. The two have an instant attraction, but Esther has a job to do and can’t allow any girly feelings to get in her way.It’s enjoyable watching these two tussle with their feelings. Esther is fighting with whether she should accept the contract because she has such strong feelings for Robert and wants to see where it takes them. And Robert not knowing if he can trust Esther since she has both stolen from him, lied to him and keeps pointing a gun at him. But he sure does like her. Aside from dealing with Esther, Robert is trying very hard to be a good beta and handle the problems that arise within the pack. Most pointedly is a bully named Talon looking to challenge him while the Alpha is away. Robert knows that he should kill Talon, but he feels that would be tantamount to murder. Can he hold everything together and trust the woman he has such strong feelings for? Time will tell!This was a great quick read. Strongly suggest it for anyone needing a quick PNR fix. less
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Another great read in the Vasi/Vanguards series. Robert turns out to make a darned god hero!
Like the ester character.
3.75 out of 5
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