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Controlling The Dead (2000)

by Annie Walls(Favorite Author)
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The Famished Trilogy
review 1: I really like the first one in the series and recommended it to several people. This second book in the series was a huge disappointment, maybe because the first book was so original. Kansas, the main character, was somewhat annoying with her "I'm a bad ass Zombie killing machine who cannot decide between 2 hot guys or take the time to brush my hair". Her dreadlocks were cool in the first book and seemed like a choice, but in this book she makes a reference to her hair matting up when she has access to water, grooming supplies, etc. I threw the book down at one point and snarled "brush your damn hair" to a fictional character, so Kansas aggravated me to the point of insanity. That may seem weird, I admit that, but when you realize that the heroine of the book you are r... moreeading is too lazy to brush her own hair things go down hill rapidly. This book she was like Bella Swan with bad hygiene and Zombie controlling powers. The character doesn't even know what she is doing and tells several people that she isn't sure why she is hoarding zombies. The writing seemed disjointed with no real flow between scenes and suddenly the characters are conversing with people who haven't even been introduced in the scene. Voodoo was the magic answer to everything and that got tiresome. "Someone cut off a lock of my hair, did some Voodoo and now I can control Zombies when it is convenient to the plot". It read like an early draft that had not been edited for spelling, grammar or continuity. The book would have been better with more editing and some re-writing. I've read hundreds of Zombie books and none have disappointed me like this one. I should have stopped after reading the first one.
review 2: I have to say, I just love this series. There are things that I wish would have gone into more detail but since it is told from one characters point of view it's understandable that some things are left out that you want to know because Kan wants to know them too. I also love how the author does a lot of short stories to let you know what happened with the secondary characters and how they came to be part of Kan's story. less
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Controlling the Dead expected Publication- Late June 2013.
I am DYING to get my hands on this baby!!!!
Yep another 5 star read. Loved it!!!!
review to come hopefully!!!
Loved it!
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