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Charme Malicieux (2013)

by Anya Bast(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
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Dark Magick
review 1: I’ve come to expect very little when it comes to Paranormal Romances, since all the ones I’ve read are essentially the same. Very little story progression or character depth, but a whole lot of sex. So I was quite surprised when I picked up Wicked Enchantment. There actually WAS a story here and it was entertaining. I actually wish the author would’ve made a whole series just about this and just about these characters, because I feel like then the she would’ve been able to give more depth to Gabriel and Aislenn. Sadly I feel like I don’t know them as well as I could’ve. I also feel like the pace of this book is too fast. They meet, fall in love, go to war, stop the Unseelie King, then HEA. Made the whole book a little unfulfilling for me, but it was de... morecent.
review 2: Anya Bast writes great paranormal genre stories, as long as you can tolerate or skip over the extremely explicit sex scenes she gives the main characters in each book.Aislinn lives in the Rose Tower of Piefferburg where the Seelie Fae reside. When Gabriel Mac Braire, of the Black or Unseelie tower arrives at the Rose petitioning to switch allegience from the Shadow King to the Summer Queen, everyone's interested since Gabriel, in addition to being an incubus, is gorgeous.The Summer Queen orders Aislinn to be Gabriel's guide to the Rose Tower while his petition is considered, against Aislinn's wishes, since she's just had a nasty public break-up and wants nothing to do with men, dangerously sexy incubus or not!As noted previously, the requisite sexual sparks between Aislinn and Gabriel fly. While I have no objections to the addition of romance and even sex into a good story, and since the Fae are almost always depicted in fiction as having aggressive libidios, Bast always seems to take it just a bit too far - too long, too explicit, too kinky - for my personal taste. Luckily, she writes such great stories, you can skip over the excessive sex and just enjoy the plot.In this first book of her new series, Bast explores - in a very interesting and well-developed way - the political wrangling and history of the Fae. The city of Piefferburg is basically an internment camp - albeit a pretty swanky one! - where the Fae have been locked up for centuries because of the fear of them the humans have. The enemy of all the Fae - the Phaendir - have allied with the humans to simply keep the Fae out of their way through spells that make it impossible for any Fae to leave the walled city, but there are factions within the Phaendir that would like to exterminate the Fae entirely.Then there is the uneasy truce between the Seelie and Unseelie courts of the light and dark Fae. The Seelie believe themselves to be the only "true" Fae, but their Queen, fearful of being deposed, has decreed her subjects may not use their powers, so they've become selfish and shallow, spending all their time shopping and attending parties.The Unseelie on the other hand are not only encouraged, but expected, to use and develop their powers and be strong in case battle comes. The King is just as dangerous, but the Unseelie are more aware of the dangers of their situation and behave accordingly.When Aislinn and Gabriel come together and - this won't be a spoiler if you read any of this type of fiction - fall in love, their worlds collide and both of them have to change and grow to be able to understand each other and decide how to be together.Aislinn discovers that she isn't who she thought she was and that she faces huge risks to her very life, no matter which court she becomes a part of.The plot has lots of interesting political scheming, back-room dealings, battles and magical attempts to win, and stay alive against people who want to kill you. It's an well-constructed, nicely detailed story if you're into the Fae. I enjoyed the story minus the overdone sex scenes, so if you don't mind that or can just skip those scenes, then I recommend this as a good read. less
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So, I was caught in a train for extremely long hours and swept through the first 3 books in this series.They are not good. The plot is weak, the characters are pretty weak too, though they have their good moments. But my main issue was that basically the plot of each one of the three books could be summed up into something like this:First part: One of the involved party comes looking for the other with either a secret or non secret agenda. They do not like each other but feel this supper hot attraction and pull to their physical side.Second part: The world (which is very dangerous and full to the rim of powerful fae trapped in a 2 square fit magical dome) is trying to off either one or both of the main chars. Although at times they have the protection of the apparently most powerful of the fae, it turns out evilness can get to them anyway and forces them into...Third part: The tete-a-tete retreat in which they are forced to really confront each other, their past, their feelings and they get hands on action.Insert lots of hand induced orgasm from the boy to the girl before actually having sex and afterwards bunny sex everyone, multi orgasmic every time. Both him and her.Fourth part: They defeat the problem/evil person. Even though the most powerful people helping them couldn't, even though they are not particularly bright about it.So... Well, what more is there to say? The characters actions were off at points, their reasons to be varied and somewhat changed during the books. The fae politics seems childish. There is no real scheming involved that isn't beyond obvious. The oh so powerful fae are reduced to nothing more than humans who can now and then do some magic. Afterwards they won't use their powers to solve problems or situations that are ideal to be solved with them. Truly? Most puzzling.Also, what is it with describing what they are wearing and every pore of their skin as if the writer had a magnifying glass on them? I had never hated to know what the characters in a book wore before Anya Bast. It was like the description in itself added nothing to the book and only hindered my reading pace.I don't recommend them to anyone.
I dunno.. I guess romance novels aren't my cup of tea, even if it's urban fantasy.Don't get me wrong I did really enjoy parts of the novel, especially towards the end when the battle started. And though I didn't really like Aislinn in the beginning towards the end she became a stronger and a more believable character. Not to mention her AWESOME abilities, I would SERIOUSLY love to have her powers!But I found beginning a bit drawn out and the whole shopping, balls blah blah blah really off-putting, especially throwing in all the brand name clothes, what the? I guess if I like romance more maybe I would have enjoyed this novel more? But I will read the next one and see...
very well written I enjoyed the book greatly
very well written I enjoyed the book greatly
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