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Sleep, It Does A Family Good: How Busy Families Can Overcome Sleep Deprivation (2010)

by Archibald D. Hart(Favorite Author)
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1589976096 (ISBN13: 9781589976092)
Tyndale House Publishers
review 1: (Actually finished reading it last September.) This book was extremely helpful in explaining the physiology behind sleep, with a special emphasis on why sleep is essential to health, both short-term and long-term. I took what I learned from it and changed some habits with the result of falling asleep more quickly and sleeping more deeply most nights. When I got away from those new good habits, my sleep suffered. And when I recently put the habits back in place, I noticed almost immediate improvement. That seems like solid evidence to me that this book was worth my time reading, and I highly recommend it.
review 2: According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), three out of every four Americans have a sleep problem. Those who are sleep deprived often ha
... moreve higher risks of illnesses such as diabetes, depression, obesity and also have mental and emotional issues. Healthful sleep habits are not automatic – they have to be taught. Dr. Archibald D. Hart’s newest book does just that – it teaches readers how to evaluate their sleep habits and correct the areas that are out of balance. This book gives in-depth information on why we sleep, what it does for our body and why it’s critical that we get enough of it. Dr. Hart also offers various checklists of things we can do to improve our sleep such as restore our body’s clock, prevent sleep “thefts”, build up sleep “equity” and ways to improve our quality of sleep. There are plenty of self assessments to help readers pin-point what areas of their sleep need to be worked on. I found this book to be very interesting and informative. For those who are interested in additional sleep improvement techniques, Dr. Hart offers a relaxation and Christian meditation CD, and also a relaxing sounds cd, both of which you can order from the appendix in this book. less
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This book contains some good information on how to sleep better. It answered most of my questions.
Some good info in here. Inspired me to get more (and better) sleep.
suggested on Focus on the Family website
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