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Guinea Dog 3 (2014)

by Patrick Jennings(Favorite Author)
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1606845543 (ISBN13: 9781606845547)
Guinea Dog
review 1: Rufus is the proud owner of a guinea pig, but not your typical guinea pig. In fact, his guinea pig is more of a "guinea dog." When he goes on a family camping trip with several friends (and a non-friend), they make a new acquaintance and search out the elusive pet store where his guinea dog was found. Friendships and secrets are tried on this summer vacation. Short chapters will keep readers turning the pages.
review 2: "Petopia is in the business of sensible strangeness."How could Mom be so clueless? Doesn't she know what a jerk Dmitri is? And how weird Lurena is? And yet she invites both their families to join us on our summer vacation at White Crappie Lake! What could she be thinking? Well, at least "Good ole Murph" will be there. "Everyone likes Murph.
... moreI wonder sometimes if that is such a good thing."But to the lake they all go and Rufus is sure that he's going to have a terrible time. And things don't start off very promising. When Rufus dives into the lake, he lands on Fido and nearly drowns her. Luckily, Pablo is there to tell him how to perform CPR on a guinea (dog) pig. As they strike up a friendship with Pablo, the conversation ends up on Petopia, the disappearing pet shop where they found Fido. Pablo is pretty sure he saw a Petopia on the drive to the lake. Let the hunt begin!Rufus' sarcastic asides to the reader are very funny and sure to be a hit with students. Students will also relate to the dynamics of this group: the kid who is friends with everyone, the potential best friend usurper and the steadfast best friend. Throw in the idea that maybe it's not so bad being friends with a girl. It's a good mix of interests, as well. And, of course, who doesn't like reading about the exploits of Fido, the Guinea Dog and her daughter, Queen Girlasaurus? Should be a fun addition to the library. less
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Perfect kids' book! My 8 year old couldn't put it down. It was a lot of fun for us to read.
FTC disclosure: I received this book free from Goodreads hoping I would review it.
I really liked this one. It was cute but also had a good moral towards the end
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