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Twisted Vines (Book 1) (2012)

by Carole Price(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 4
1432826026 (ISBN13: 9781432826024)
Five Star Publishing
review 1: Ostensibly set in Livermore ca, but other than a few local store or restaurant names, there's no sense of location or setting, and it's like the author couldn't decide if she wanted to write about wine country or local Shakespeare theater so tossed in a little of both and not enough of either...and the plot is so short on logic it becomes irritating, ie a fire has burned down one of the theaters, and it turns out alarms were installed but never activated, and still aren't so of course there's another fire.....surprise surprise...and when at least land probably two, maybe three murders occur and actors equity wants promises security will be present before it allows it's actors to come to perform,, our heroine promises, but later resists even having a few deputies brought in... more...duh?.........and there are too many mysteries, as if bits of a dozen romantic suspense storylines were gathered and then tossed randomly into the story in no particular order, relationships kept secret, parents dying in an accident, perhaps mysteriously, a deceased aunt who appears out of nowhere to leave her ranch , house, grounds, a few odd people work there...all to the niece she's never met...and everyone just seems to shrug that and the whole adoption questions off as nothing....The characters could become interesting if they are fleshed out much much more in the next book, but for the moment they are too stereotypical
review 2: Crime Analyst Caitlyn Pepper is shocked to learn that she has inherited a vineyard from an aunt she never knew existed. She is even more shocked to find out that her aunt may have been murdered. Not trusting the police to find the killer, Caitlyn risks her own life to see justice done. This first book in a new series features a pleasant mystery and a nice romance. Recommended for fans of Joanne Fluke and Carolyn Hart. less
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Interesting story based in Livermore CA. Possible title for Livermore Reads Together?
OK - only realised it was sent in my local area when I started reading it - duh!
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