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The Alchemy Of Forever (2012)

by Avery Williams(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
1442443162 (ISBN13: 9781442443167)
Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
review 1: First off, this is a truly great idea: I've read my fair share of incarnation novels, but this one had its own special twist that sets it apart. The only parts that made me feel like banging my head against a wall was how she could never make a decision: stay, kill herself, stop Cyrus. I suppose when you've been with someone for 6 centuries, everything else is quite foreign. However, that also gives her six hundred years to plan all of this out. Also, we never quite dwelled into Kailey's life. I suppose that will happen in the next few novels. That, however, is what annoyed me as well. In a series, the first novel introduces the characters and the issues. The minor issues get resolved; they all do except for one major one that they try and fail at resolving. This book didn... more't quite do that. It was more about her running away from her evil boyfriend, stealing someone else's life, and making up excuses for living, even though despite her centuries of knowledge, she still hasn't figured out that she needs to keep living to stop Cyrus and his friends once and for all. Despite everything, I really did enjoy the book. The characters were entertaining, and it was a quick read, something I've always valued. It also made me think: if I lived forever, would I keep taking over peoples' bodies, if they were going to die, or would I die myself? I would probably take over dead bodies (ew) for a while, but that would get tiring. How long would I last?
review 2: Okay, I really liked this book at first but toward the end I felt like I was just reading to get it over with, not because it kept me interested. The supporting characters were very underdeveloped as well as the "love" relationship between the main character and Noah. There was just so much development that was missing! So I'm not sure if I'll keep reading the sequel because I was reading it and didn't want to continue... less
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Tento příběh byl místy zajímavý a snad i pěkný, ale něco... důležitého mu chybělo.
What if they really exist? Gives me creeps.
God... the ending!
I want MORE!!
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