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Desire Climax, Vol. 3 (2005)

by Ayane Ukyou(Favorite Author)
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Desire Climax
review 1: Why am I still reading this? Seriously I have no idea. First of all prince is getting on my last nerves. I'm ready for Mio to kick prince in the balls now and tell him to get the **** going. Seriously Mio, any day would be fine now. If you find this romantic then you might want to seek medical attention immediately. Haha , (Sorry if I offended anyone, just my opinion). Also, this story might have been good if Mio could just freakin stand up for herself! I've been waiting and waiting, and waiting. Finally she does, and then guess what. She misses him! Can you believe that. She freakin misses him! How? Why? How and why would you miss a guy that treats you like shit all the time. Yet , I keep reading, and I guess I will finish this story if its the last thing I do. Sor... morery, I'm stubborn that way. So if you happen to find a few of my brain cells lying around. Please don't hesitate to gather them up for me.
review 2: So this review is for the overall series.Lemme just say that I hate Shoei. Though he is kinda the antagonist that turns into the protagonist, he is such a jerk. And not even a hot jerk or a jerk that people find irresistable. Just a good old classic jerk that no one likes, respects or wants to be with.Though in the book, Mio finds a liking with him. I don't know what she sees in him.Shoei is dirty. Eww. I would not want him near me more or less touching me. BLEHHH.This manga was OK. It is for mature audiances which I am not, LOL, but I read the manga anyways.The characters were interesting. Mio's brother thinks he's in love with Mio. Mio doesn't know what to feel and has to work for her poor family. Shoei(the Prince) pretty much wants to have sex with Mio all day. Gardener dude pretty much wants to do anything that will make him seem more phsyco and Shoei's dad pretty much wants to have one boy with his blood ruling his company.The whole concept of the story was new to me. So it was origonal. Which I liked. :DI also found somethings in the manga to be funny so I started to laugh and then thought back at it later and then laughed and then people were looking at me wherever I was at the moment.Like for example, at the side of the road, which is a phrase I say alot now because of this manga. LOL. Inside joke.Anyway, of course the setting for the is Japan so I can't really say anything about that... O.OAll in all, I give the manga 3 stars. I think I gave it only 3 because I didn't like the fact that Shoei did all those things with Mio and I didn't really like the relationship between any of the characters. less
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