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Forget Love (2014)

by Babsy Tom(Favorite Author)
2.87 of 5 Votes: 5
1477826521 (ISBN13: 9781477826522)
review 1: This story does an excellent job of hooking you in after the first few sentences. It is a very promising story line - waking up in the hospital with retrograde amnesia. Instantly I tried guessing where the story would go, what might the main character find out. It seems very promising but as the story unfolds, it is a pace slower than I had anticipated. The start is great, fast, engaging. Then it goes kind of flat line until little bits and pieces of her past come back. Nothing major or super dramatic happens, which I was expecting, but it is a nice quick read. For that, I gave it 3 stars.
review 2: I received this book as a First Reads winner. I would consider it more of a short story than a novel. It was a quick and amusing read but nothing outstanding
... more. The main character, Penny, wakes up in the hospital with amnesia following a car accident. Upon "meeting" her ex-husband Tom she can't remember why they ever went their separate ways. The tale is rather simple and even somewhat predictable but its written in a funny and enjoyable style. I felt like the ending left some questions unanswered but not enough to leave me wondering beyond the time it took me to put the book down. This was a perfect short plane ride read for me. Thank you for choosing me as a winner. less
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Great book! It reminded me of a cross between Remember me by Sophie Kinsella & Samantha who.
Funny, Romantic, Fun Read! I Loved It!
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