The Year of Taking Chances 3 (Chapters 9 – 10)


Fortunately, Spencer starts recovering, but he will need weeks before he can do some physical activity. This inactivity has turned him into a grumpy bear, and he takes his frustration out on his wife and children. Gemma tells the kids to be a bit more patient with him, but I fear that his accident is going to cause more turmoil than Gemma can anticipate.

As for Saffron, when she is getting off a tube train, she slips and falls. A woman comes to help her, and Saffron panics when she feels some wetness on her trousers and fears she is bleeding. When she is taken to A&E, she realises that indeed she is bleeding. When the doctor comes to see her and she performs an ultrasound exam, Saffron is relieved when she can hear her baby’s heartbeat. In that moment she realises that she has made her decision; she cares for her baby more than she realised, so she is keeping her baby. The doctor tells her that she will stay in hospital overnight for observation and to get some tests that tell her about the bleeding. I am so glad that Saffron has realised what is important in her life. What Saffron also realises that now that she is keeping the baby, she has to tell Max, which is something she should already have done. I wonder if she will have the guts to do it, and when she does, I am curious to see how he reacts. I really love this part of the plot. So far it is the most interesting plotline.

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