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Murder At The Painted Lady (2011)

by Barbara Warren(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 2
0803476531 (ISBN13: 9780803476530)
Thomas & Mercer
review 1: Allie inherits her great aunt's old Victorian house. When she moves in, weird things start happening and relatives start coming out of the woodwork laying claim to her house. After receiving a small inheritance along with the house, she decides to fix it up and open a bed-and-breakfast. Enter Clay a handsome contractor, Cora a great cook and friend who moves into the guest house, and Harry a handyman who also moves onto the property. The author keeps the pace moving forward with multiple suspects as to who is causing all the mischief and mayhem. It's an easy, enjoyable read and I enjoyed the ride.
review 2: Allie is at loose ends when her estranged great aunt leaves her a rundown but beautiful Victorian house in Stony Point. But there are other people who
... more feel entitled to the house, including the local bookstore owner, who runs a cult in her spare time, and a real estate developer, who's willing to sue her. But Allie finds friends, too: the handsome young contractor who wants her to rehab the old building, the neighbor who's being persecuted by her unloving brother, the old lady who was a friend of Aunt Eliza. Despite attempts to get her out of the house, Allie persists with what most be the easiest rehab on record. There is a murder, and Allie is a suspect, but she has defenders. A mystery with a strong romance subplot. less
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The book did not flow naturally and dialogue felt stilted. Basic foreseeable romance.
Is this YA? Definitely not your typical adult story--much to simplistic.
I really enjoyed this book, couldn't put it down.
A pretty fair who-done-it. Read on my Kindle.
This was a good book.
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