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All My Enemies (2009)

by Barry Maitland(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
0312384009 (ISBN13: 9780312384005)
Minotaur Books
Brock & Kolla
review 1: This is one of my favourite books from Barry Maitland; I have read it possibly 5 times now. I do love the general writing of Mr Maitland, especially his complete description of place (obviously owing to his architectural background), but in a way that does allow you to imagine the space and places he talks about without over description?? Every time I read this I get caught up amd forget that I know how the story ends. Love it every time.
review 2: I was confused when I started this because I thought it was the latest entry in a series I thoroughly enjoy but the relationships of the characters did not reflect this. Upon looking at the title list in the front of the book I found it was actually the third in the series but apparently has not been published in th
... moree U.S. until now. Urgh! Anyway, once I realized this I dove into it and it proved to be quite good. Maitland was an architect and buildings and landscapes are always a primary part of his plots. In this one there is an interesting thread about the British Rail System and how people's views of London are formed by how they access the city via the rail and the tube. I can personally attest that this is true as, whenever I read a mystery set in London and try to visualize where the action is taking place, the first map that pops into my head is invariably the tube map! (I realize this is an inaccurate depiction overall and usually end up getting out my trusty A to Z(ed), but the tube map view is what I "see" first). I highly recommend this series; Maitland moves the story right along while developing his recurring and one-time characters well and providing interesting knowledge about places and their effect on people and events. There were two more titles that looked new to me toward the end of the list in the front of All My Enemies; I'm hoping they are also titles that have recently been published in the States.... less
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Enjoyed it but do not understand purpose of the final chapter...otherwise, very good.
Another great installment. I'm on to the next. Brock and Kolla are a great team.
An excellent read. Under-rated, as are all the titles in this series.
Still loving Brock and Kolla.. Onto number 4.
RATING: 3.75
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