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Come (2014)

by Becca Jameson(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 1
Hartwood Publishing
The Fight Club
review 1: This book was a little redeemed in the second half, boosting it from a 2 star rating to a three, once Rafe finally told Katy he was a Dom things started to go a little better but to begin with, I almost stopped reading. At the start Rafe is a contradiction in terms. On the one hand he acts so confidently in convincing Katy to see him while stating he has never pursued a woman in this way before and his internal thoughts initially indicate a shy person not a dominant one. He's in her face with inappropriate and out of place comments about submissives and yet so insecure. Not my type of alpha and not really what I was expecting from this book. Once Rafe did get into Dom mode he was quite sexy about it but I disliked how he put Katy in situations without talking to her abou... moret it first and explaining things like he should have - reacting to her reactions instead of anticipating her reactions like he should have.
review 2: Going to a jazz club will never be the same! From the start, Rafe and Katy’s chemistry just kept intensifying as the story progressed. Their romance was a skillfully-orchestrated balance of unfolding passion and action. Come is a love story with BDSM; dominance-submission was credibly woven throughout the development of their relationship. It took days for my Kindle to de-sizzle. This is one of my favorite read-in-one-night HEA stories. less
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Heerlijk boek; Katy & Rafe. Twijfels tussen 4 of 5*****. Deel 2 ga ik zéker snel lezen!
not a big fan, at all. The bdsm aspect seemed cold.
More BDSM then MMA fighter romance
Really awkward.
more please
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