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I'd Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It's Great To Be Small (2013)

by Becky Murphy(Favorite Author)
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0142196983 (ISBN13: 9780142196984)
review 1: I have short legs. While I am of "average" height, this book amused me. It might be nice to be short. I gave this fewer stars because while it lists 100 reasons it's great to be small, many of them felt like repeats or variations on the theme of other reasons. Even so, the illustrations and the reasons themselves gave me a chuckle or two. For you if you are or would like to be a little shorter.
review 2: This is a short (ha ha) book with cute line drawings. Each one illustrates a reason why it's great to be short. Examples: "You're less likely to smell people's bad breath," "Your face never gets cut off in group photos--because you're always in the front," You make your significant other feel significantly taller than they actually are." As a 4' 11" person,
... moreI have to agree with all 100 reasons. I think it's great being short--if you're female, at least. less
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Best introduction I've ever read, in anything! :-)
Wow! This is awesome!
This is my life.
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