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America Anonymous: Eight Addicts In Search Of A Life (2009)

by Benoit Denizet-Lewis(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 1
0743277821 (ISBN13: 9780743277822)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I'll add more to this review but here's my quick first impressions. First, full disclosure, I've been reading Benoit since his 'XY' magazine days -- 14 years ago. So, if you're expecting a purely objective, dispassionate nod, move on. I like Benoit. I like how he writes. Most of all I like that he digs deep into his huamnity -- which causes him great discomfort and pain, that too he shares unabashedly -- and connects to people so they opne up and share themselves openly in ways they probably wouldn't for others. Because he's willing to make himself fully vulnerable he gets others to do the same. It's a gift. Next, he's a damn fine investigative reporter and really THOROUGH. He digs deep and searches with a net cast wide to go beyond the normal milemarkers. So, I can't help... more but like that. Truly.Lastly, he's a very good writer. I wish I could write as well as him. Pisses me off a bit, but I have to give him props for being so good. He makes me want to be a better writer. Unfortunately, I was exactly the kind of person he protrays with respect to the discussion of addiction in whatever form it might manifest at the start of the book's wild ride. He convicted me and I'm happy to embrace my own prejiduces and stereotyping of 'those people' as though I'm not one myself in my own ways if I look penetratingly and honestly. Which he inspired me to do so I might made of myself a better person. Good job. I say 'Amen.' The eight storylines and his as well flow with such ease and seemlessness that I didn't find myself gravitating to just one or two above the others, but all eight and his equally. Very effective. You'll like it. And you'll get a concise primer of American history as it relates to addiction, recognition, treatment, recovery, relapse, and redemption. Quite more than you might be expecting, I can guarantee you. Try it on.
review 2: This is pretty rare for me, but I didn't even end up finishing this book. I usually will see it through all the way to the end but this just didn't grab me. I couldn't relate to the life the drug addicts lead; it was a bit disturbing to me but I had wanted to try something that's out of the "norm" for what I typically read. This definitely reminded me what a bubble I live in, and I'm quite happy to stay there!! less
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The author follows eight addicts of various persuasions through a few years of sobriety and relapse.
A very shallow look at addiction in the US. Seemed more like a college paper than a researched book.
Great insight into the lives of people struggling with multiple different addictions.
Mind-opening and sincerely troubling and hopeful all at the same time.
Superb book. Unlike any other I have read. Absolutely recommend it.
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