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MaidenFlight (2006)

by Bianca D'Arc(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Dragon Knights
review 1: DRAGON KNIGHTS BOOK #1This is an adult only book, erotic M/F/M scenes.  Belora is hunting for dinner in the forest,.when the stag she has shot is stolen from her by a dragon. The dragon takes Belora and her dinner to his Knight partner. When Gareth sees Belora he knows instantly she is his Mate. After a sexy afternoon he takes her home to tell her mother they will be married.  Innocent Belora begins to have second thoughts when she finds out she will have two mates not just one. As the knights are mentally and emotionally  linked to the dragons they are included in the family unit ,and can influence the mood of all involved. A very sexy fantasy with knights  fighting from the back of dragons instead of horses. There is plenty of storyline to keep you interested between... more the sex scenes.  The begining of a fun lighthearted series. The "c" word is used a couple of times but not enough to turn me off.  That is why It's 4stars instead of 5.
review 2: 3-3.5 starsThis was a pretty good story. It's the first I've read by Bianca D'Arc but based on this I might try more of her work in the future. Bolera is 18 and lives alone with her mother. She's out hunting a deer one day when, right after she shot it in the heart with her arrow, a dragon comes down and takes off with her deer. She chases him and finds where he lands and starts insisting that he give her back the deer. Instead of giving it back, the dragon carries her off...Gareth is a knight and the rider/partner of a dragon. He's surprised to find his dragon, Kelvan, flying in the a young woman along for the ride. Kelvan informs Gareth that she can hear dragon thoughts (a requirement for a mate to a dragon's knight) and leaves her there with Gareth. Gareth feels an attraction to her immediately and seduces her, realizing she's his true mate.Gareth convinces Bolera (and her mother) to come back to the Lair with them for a visit (although he has every intention of convincing her to stay). Because it's a "mating" that has a mystical element it's pretty much a "love at first sight" for them both and Bolera agrees to be Gareth's wife (aka mate). There are added intricacies that comes with knight/dragon matings that Bolera has to accept. When Bolera and Gareth mate it gives Kelvan the ability to claim his mate (dragon's can't before their knight's have mates because the mating fever would drive the knights mad otherwise). Now that Gareth found Bolera, Kelvan can claim his mate, Rohtina (a female dragon). Rohtina's knight is Lars. By tradition, both knights become husbands to the woman...in this case Bolera. It's actually pretty easy because of the whole mutual mystical attraction thing they have going. Bolera is a bit freaked by the idea of 2 men but is also attracted to both and has a hard time resisting. She does accept them and they merge in to a family (Bolera, Gareth, Lars, Kelvan and Rohtina). There is a bit of an action plot in the story due to an upcoming war with the neighboring country. There are creatures (being sent over b the enemy country) that are causing issues and the dragons have been sent to deal with them. At one point, there's a skirmish with the creatures and Rohtina is badly hurt. Bolera ends up being the one to save her and finds out some interesting possibilities on her origins along with the possibility of finding her lost twin sisters. The story concludes in a nice HEA.This was an enjoyable read. I liked the world and the dragon mythos. It's a cool premise and the rest of the series looks interesting. less
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Very good. Has a plot. Not just a bunch of sex. Look forward to the next book.
very good book it's different from any other book ive read
Terrible, unrealistic, even the sex is terrible!
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